god rays

Do You Dream in Color?

Colors draw me out. Colorful dreams inspire me. I have a recurring dream of a place I used to go when I was young. Sometimes we went for picnics. Other times I went to photograph the river and the Sound and the woods.

Now I dream of that place. Sometimes there are faeries. The woods around the hill are filled with them. Sometimes I meet a boy there. I found him there when we were young. The woods were empty, but our hearts were full. And sometimes I see a faerie girl. I dream she is the daughter of the love I shared with that beautiful boy.

Dreams are lovely sometimes, but they are not a place to live. Beauty must be the garment of Truth and Goodness its crown. And this is art. The aesthetic trinity.

Every day I follow this simple concept and attempt to make it a reality. I attempt to create something that embodies Beauty, Goodness, and Truth. A drawing of a stone wall. A watercolor of a lone swan. A photograph of an orange sunset.

These images are raw. This is not a gallery or a portfolio. I wish only to share the experience. An image, a caption, and some minimal information about how or where I created the image.

For example, the image at the head of this post. It is of a sunrise on a frosty morning in my backyard. So simple, and yet the beauty of it exploded in front of me. So I am glad I can share it with you.

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